Projector Repair


Is your projector overheating? Stop working?  Colour distortion? Does it need a lamp replacing?

Whatever the problem, our projector repair department can FIX IT!

Contact us by phone 0995 106 507 or address R 607 – 6 th Floor – 57 Lang Ha – Ha Noi

ThanhCong JSC‘s service including projector repair & maintenance: 


We service and support the top projector brands in the AV Industry:  Sony, Panasonic, Optoma, Acer, Viewsonic, Epson, Mitsubishi, Boxlight, Benq, Eiki, Hitachi, InFocus, NEC, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, 3M, H-pec, Dell, Vivitek,……

We offer full repair and servicing facilities on all LCD,DLP, video, home theatre projectors. Call us for free advice on whether your projector is econically viable to repair

  •  A full diagnostics soak test
  • No additional labour charges when the projector is repaired, just parts
  • Quotation to repair the fault . This ensures that you know the final cost before any work is carried out.
  • All our repairs carry a warranty on items replaced

So give us a call on  0995 106 507  ( English Speaking only), Tell us the symptons and we will diagnose the fault over the phone for you. We will give you honest advice as to whether it it worth repairing or should you look to replace the projector.


The life and performance of an LCD,  DLP Video or Data projector can be greatly extended through periodic cleaning, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Research has shown that unchecked filters and lamps are the main areas to go wrong and reduce the life expectancy and performance of the projector,  causing unnecessary downtime.

We offer a low-cost, professional projector cleaning service that includes:-

  • Filter cleaning
  • Full diagnostics check
  • Lamp life report
  • Strip down – clean all parts including LCD panel and filters
  • Re-assemble components, check all functions
  • Check the colour and contrast on the screen with pattern generation
  • Projector housing clean
  • Provide engineer’s report on performance before and after service
  • Optics clean (optional extra)

Example of what we actually do in your projector service

  • Remove clean and wash all filters
  • Remove top cover and check for serviceability
  • Remove lamp housing and check for serviceability
  • Remove the inner cover and prepare the unit for cleaning
  • Clean the internal components
  • Slide out lamp housing unit
  • Clean out fan
  • Check power supply to lamp and main housing, clean power contact points
  • Remove old lube, sticky caked on varnish and grease using a special alcohol and brushes.

So give us a call on 0995 106 507  ( English Speaking) and we can firm up an exact quotation and describe the process in more detail


Address: R607 – 6 th Floor – Thanh Cong Building – 57 Lang Ha – Ha Noi
Tel: 84-4-35148033/32 – Fax: 84-4-35148090
Hotline: 0995 106 507 ( English Speaking)


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